Climinax Retailers

With so many fake products on the market it’s sometimes difficult to know if a seller is genuine or going to rip you off. Unfortunately we live in a world where there are many unscrupulous people pretending to be something they are not. This is why we have created this page to inform people of the dangers of buying from unauthorised resellers and dodgy websites.

What should you look out for?
First thing to do is look at this page below to see a list of recommended retailers and website where the Climinax product can be purchased from. If the website isn’t listed below then you should contact us using this online form. We will reply to your email within 4 hours during normal business hours. This is what all professional dedicated and authorised companies will do.

Secondly, if the websites are not listed below you should check the websites properly to see if they are genuine. Check this quick comparison of what to look out for.


Official trusted websites – the official UK Climinax website. – UK authorised reseller. – UK authorised reseller.